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Today marks the start of Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW)

From now until the 25th June we will be asking you to help us spread the word on how to ensure your rabbit lives a long, happy and hoppy life! RAW was organised over 11 years ago by Burgess Pet Care and was created to highlight the specific dietary needs of rabbits. Today it covers all aspects of rabbit welfare and a dedicated web site :

This year the focus is back on diet. The Burgess Excel Feeding Plan was created to highlight the specific dietary needs of rabbits and other small mammals and illustrates the importance of a hay-led, fibre-rich diet.

Hay and/or grass should be 85-90% of your rabbits diet! Hay is the most important part of a rabbits diet as it helps to keep their gut moving and balanced. Chewing hay and grass helps to wear down the rabbits teeth which can grow up to 3mm a week! Rabbits also love to forage in hay, so providing a large bundle of fresh hay each day encourages their natural behaviour.

Rabbits should be given at least one bundle of good quality hay that is as big as they are every day! It should be available to them at all times and ideally they should also have access to growing grass for grazing, or kiln-dried grass.

NEVER feed lawnmover clippings to your rabbit; these can make your rabbit ill.

Please share and help us spread the word!

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