Pet Rabbit Myths


Myth #1 – Rabbits Eat Lettuce. We really don’t recommend feeding your rabbit lettuce. Apart from containing very little nutritional value some are actually harmful in large quantities – such as Iceburg lettuce. However, you can feed bunny the darker fibrous versions, such as Romaine lettuce. Don’t forget that new foods should always be introduced gradually.

Rabbit in a hutch

Myth #2 - Rabbits are a low maintenance, cheap and an easy first pet! Although your bunny won’t need to be taken down the park for a walk each day like a dog, he will need daily cleaning, daily fresh food and water - including a good variety of healthy greens and gnawing toys, daily grooming for long-haired varieties, daily exercise in a suitable enclosure, daily interaction –play time, and basic daily health checks.

Vaccinations are recommended and they can develop expensive chronic conditions which require regular medical attention resulting in expensive veterinary bills. The minimum estimated annual cost of keeping one outdoor rabbit is over £1000 per year!


Myth #3 - Rabbits don’t live long so it’s not a big commitment.

The average lifespan of a well cared for, rabbit is between 8-12 years. According to the Guinness World of Records the oldest rabbit lived 18 years - Wow!

Rabbit Food