Cruel Endings

The owners mistakenly believe that this is best for bun. In reality they are sealing the fate of the rabbit to an often cruel death within a year of release. Not only is it an offence to abandon a rabbit, there are a number of reasons why bunny should never be released into the wild:

  • Domestic rabbits are often a variety of colours, including white! Wild rabbits have an agouti coat that provide camouflage from prey.

  • Wild rabbits forage and create warrens as a family group for safety. A single, abandoned rabbit typically does not stray far from where they have been left and are easy prey for dogs, cats and a multitude of wild predators.

  • Domesticated rabbits have no idea what plants are safe to eat or what water can be found to drink.

  • Wild rabbits are wary of busy roads. Domesticated rabbits have no such instinct.

If you are thinking of releasing a domestic rabbit into the wild – think again.