Ever wondered what RSPCA Milton Keynes & North Bucks do with your donations?

It’s no surprise that charities are finding it hard to raise funds at present with families struggling to make ends meet. Press reports can also put people off making donations to charities as donors discover that not all the money is being used in the way they hoped it would be. This negativity can affect the small, local charity organisations in a big way as their already small income drops even lower.

The RSPCA Milton Keynes and North Bucks Branch is one such charity. Like other local animal rescues we are a separately registered charity and rely on funds raised by our local charity shops and public donations.

What happens when you donate to us?

Well to start with you need to ensure that your donation is reaching us and not going to the National RSPCA as we are separate charity. A Legacy in your Will for instance should be specifically designated to our branch charity number 275415, otherwise we will not receive it.

How can you be sure it is coming to us?

Make your donations online via our BTMydonate page, by Text (text MKNB01 £5 to 70070), directly to our charity Paypal account, or by cheque payable to “RSPCA Milton Keynes & North Bucks” and post to P.O Box 4586, Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes. MK12 6ZS. If you would like to leave a legacy then follow our advice on our Legacy Leaflet to ensure your donation comes to us, your local branch.

What happens to the money?

Your money is very important to us and we make sure that every penny counts. Most of the people who work for the branch provide their services voluntarily and receive no income at all. This means that most of the donations you provide go directly to helping the animals in our care.

How much of it is spent on the animals?

In 2015 our financial figures show that 58% of it is spent directly on the animal’s welfare the majority of which is veterinary care and the rest of which is food. This is high compared to another local animal re-homing centre which spent just over 9% of their total income on animal welfare!

What are the other costs?

We spent 31% of the money on the running costs for the shops which include rent, maintenance and wages. The shops help to bring in the majority of our funds and we could not operate without them. In stark comparison another local animal re-homing centre spent 54% on premises and wages costs. Our costs are lower partly because we do not have a dedicated animal re-homing centre. Our branch consists of animal pens which are located in our volunteers own residential homes. We also have animals which are fostered locally by our large network of caring fosterers.

Do you have any spare or leftover funds?

Simply put – No. Every single penny is spent and sometimes more! This is one of the reasons why we keep asking for your help. The demands made on the branch’s services continues to increase. As Milton Keynes and North Bucks continues to grow, so does the need for us to care for more animals. In 2015 we re-homed over 800 animals and in 2016 we saw this increase by 25% to over 1,000 animals!

What can you do to help?

There are many ways to provide help. If you cannot donate money, then please consider making donations of items for our shops and Ebay store to sell and raise funds. Alternatively we are always grateful for food and litter donations, toys, bedding and climbing trees for cats which will help us reduce our animal welfare costs.

Don’t have anything to give?

Then perhaps you would consider giving up some of your spare time and volunteering to help us raise funds. We regularly need people to help us run events, attend stalls, serve teas etc. We would also love to hear from anyone interested in doing their own fundraising for us. There is a multitude of things you can do from making jam to running marathons!

Everything you do makes a difference.

There is no doubt that everything you do, no matter how small it may seem, makes a big difference to our animals. You help us to provide a warm, safe environment, food and shelter, and medical treatment to those animals brought to us in need.

Without you we simply cannot help them.


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