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Tough Girls Challenge!

Amy & Charlotte's Tough Guy Challenge for RSPCA Milton Keynes & North Bucks

Hello! I’ve been fostering kittens for my local RSPCA branch this year and I’ve realised just how important their services are in caring for injured or unwanted animals, and the considerable cost for veterinary care and food. Of course everyone knows what the RSPCA does but seeing first-hand the awful state some of these poor animals are in is really eye-opening, especially when it’s happening on your doorstep As a separately registered branch of the RSPCA, run entirely by volunteers, they rely on the generous support of the public and businesses to help continue the vital work of helping animals in need. 100% of donations are spent on the animals. In January, me and Charlotte will be participating in what claims to be the world's most demanding one-day survival ordeal, and would be grateful for any sponsorship, all donations big or small make a difference – please just follow the link below to donate online: Not everyone has money to spare, but there are other ways you can help out. If you have any unwanted cat food, or old clothes/bags/shoes that can be sold in one of the RPSCA charity shops, or better yet if you want to give an animal a forever home please call the branch on 01908 611179. Thank you!!❣❣❣

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