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How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

Volunteers at our Newport Pagnell Shop have been very busy. You may have met some at the Castlemead Care Home Fete at the end of August where they judged the dog show and also raised funds on a stall. They had loads of fun on the day.

One thing you may not know about our amazing volunteers at Newport is that they have their very own celebrity! Meet Cookie!

Cookie is an RSPCA Rescue dog. She was rescued by RSPCA Northampton and at 8 weeks old was adopted by Nina our shop manager in Newport Pagnell. Cookie is now 5 months old and regularly spends her days at the Newport shop. She often sits in the window checking out the display! At other times she is keeping warm by the till. Visitors are quite taken with her and often come in for cuddles. Cookie has even received a knitted jumper to help keep her warm in the coming winter months.

If you’d like to meet cookie then why not pop along to the shop and say Hi, you might even pick up a bargain while you are there!

If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers in the shops then please email Sally:

Alternatively if you would like to help with fundraising then please get in touch with Jean :

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