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A Message From Hera

" need to be oh so quiet. My baby is sleeping you see. I can't believe I'm here, that I'm alive. Two days my baby was stuck :'(two days I tried my hardest to get my baby safe but it wouldn't come out. I pushed and I pushed and I cried and I cried and then it went dark.... All I know is that when I woke up my baby was gone and the ones in my tummy weren't there anymore. All I had was my little Mouse. Can you see Mouse snuggling with me? We are safe now. I was lucky."

Hera's story is all too common for us at MK RSPCA. There may be many litters born each year without complications but it is very definitely not always the case. In MK and across the country rescues are struggling to cope with the burden of cats and kittens waiting for rescue places and complications do happen. You might not just lose your kittens but your cat too. Please, spay your cat so we can reduce the number of cats and kittens in rescue.

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