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Wonderful Picture by Jemima

We were absolutely delighted to receive a copy of a picture drawn by Jemima Kimber who is 8 years old. Her family have recently adopted a cat who was called Sugar Puff and they have now named her Nellie. Jemima writes that Nellie has settled in but is scared of her toys! We’re so glad to hear how well she is.

Nellie was in foster care at our small cattery which is run by Sally. I’m sure many of you will recognise a few of the cats names… I spotted Elivis the Pelvis in there.. and some of our volunteers are familiar with the cattery pens so they can also vouch that this is a great likeness and a very clever representation of them.

Well done Jemima and thank you so much! We are going to hang a copy of the picture on the wall at the cattery - we love it! x

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