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Piper and Sunny - How you can help

Piper was found in a garden along with her siblings.

She arrived in June and her fosterer noticed she wasn't 100% fit. She was put on antibiotics to help fight an infection, but then still didn't improve. The decision was made to have her spayed at just 10 weeks old so that further investigations could be made - a risky and delicate operation at such a young age. During the surgery abbesses were found in her ovarian ducts, one of which had burst causing peritonitis.

Due to the fantastic care and attention from her fosterer and the expertise of the veterinary staff this little kitten now has a chance to make a full recovery.

Sunny arrived via an inspector.

He found in a poor state and rushed straight to a veterinary center for urgent treatment. He is roughly seven weeks old and weighs half of what he should do. He was found to be dehydrated, full of cat flu, suffering with a sore throat, sneezes and infected eyes and if that wasn't bad enough he was also infested with fleas!

Sunny is now being treating for all of his conditions, receiving steroids and antibiotics, plus flea treatment to try to get him back to full health. Like Piper he now has a chance to make a full recovery thanks to the medical care provided and support of his loving fosterer.

Can you help?

As a result of the ever increasing number of animals coming into our care we are always grateful for any extra donations. There are a number of ways you can help, please click the links to find out more:

As a separately registered charity we rely on your support in order to continue our vital work. Thank you so much!

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