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Bunny Love

Happy Friday Everybun! Our last rabbit myth for Rabbit Awareness Week is this one.. Myth #12 Rabbits don’t need much attention and are happy on their own. According to the PAW 2015 report 57% of rabbits live alone. However, rabbits are social animals and should always be kept in at least pairs when possible. Always ensure that both are neutered! Contrary to popular belief it is not best for rabbits to share a home with a guinea pig and there are several reasons for this. Rabbits may injure guinea pigs, intentionally or unintentionally: -by kicking them with their powerful back legs, -trying to mate with them (e.g. could injure the guinea pig’s back). Rabbits may bully guinea pigs, which can make them stressed if they cannot get away. Rabbits behave and communicate in very different ways to guinea pigs, so if kept together they won’t understand each other’s behaviour and therefore do not make ideal companions. What if rabbits and guinea pigs currently live together? If they get on well, it‘s best not to separate them as this could cause welfare problems Your pet rabbit's ideal companion is another neutered rabbit of the opposite sex. Let’s see those pictures of your loved up bunnies!

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