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A Hutch Is Not Enough!

Good morning everybun! We are sharing another Rabbit Myth for Rabbit Awareness week. It’s such an important one that we are just sharing this one for today – more tomorrow! Myth #9 Rabbits are fine in a hutch in the garden Rabbits need space. Their large back legs are designed for running and jumping at speed so they need ample space and daily exercise. Smaller breeds can be more active than larger rabbits and so contrary to popular belief they may need more space. Always try to ensure your rabbit can stretch out fully when lying down and stand up fully on their back legs without their ears touching the roof of the enclosure. They need to be able to perform at least three hops in a row, this can be 6-7 feet! They will also need a secure, draft free area where they can hide when they are scared. The Rabbit Welfare Association recommends a hutch is at least a 6ft x 2ft x 2ft. That is a minimum recommendation and so the larger you can provide then the better! Rabbits love to play and explore so provide them with toys in the enclosure. If you can’t afford to buy them there are plenty of free toys you can offer. Try wrapping a favourite food in brown paper for them to unwrap! Cardboard boxes make lovely hiding places or tunnels and cardboard tubes stuffed with hay are also a good way to amuse your bunny. Some rabbits love to dig so why not provide them with a planter filled with soil? One last play tip is to try scattering your rabbit’s pellets around the enclosure instead of putting it in a bowl. This gives them something to do all day! Have you got any more tips to share? What sort of home does your rabbit live in?

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