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Cuddly Bun?

Hello again. We're continuing our Rabbit Awareness Week support and have two more myths about rabbits for you. Myth #7 - Rabbits love being cuddled Most rabbits do not like being picked up and carried. They are a natural prey animal and so they are always wary and will feel threatened or vulnerable if mishandled. Most will tolerate being handled if it is done regularly adn from a young age, but if they are not supported properly they may scrabble, scratch or nip the handler in order to get down. They prefer to cuddle up next to you or sit on your lap for a nice head rub. Myth #8 Rabbits do not bite Rabbits can bite and do so for several reasons. Yours is less likely to bite if you provide a large area as a home, learn to handle it safely and securely and have him or her neutered.

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