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Hay and Carrots

Good Monday Morning! Here are a couple more bunny myths for you :-)

Myth #5 – Hay is just for bedding

Hay should be the main source of food for your bunny and be made available at all times. As a guide you should feed them a bundle of fresh hay that is equal to the size of your bunny every day. Ideally rabbits should also have access to growing grass for grazing too, but never feed your lawnmower clippings to them as this can make them ill. Hay not only forms 90% of a rabbit’s diet, but also helps keep their teeth from overgrowing. A rabbits teeth grow 3mm a week!

Myth #6 – Rabbits eat carrots.

Rabbits do love carrots and apples, and blueberries, and grapes, and many other fruits but these are high in sugar and so they should only be fed in small amounts. Treat it like chocolate is to us – a sweet treat, but too much is bad for you!

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