RAW Myth Busting Bunnys!

Day two of Rabbit Awareness Week and a couple more myths for you. :-)

Myth #3 - Rabbits don’t live long so it’s not a big commitment.

The average lifespan of a well cared for, rabbit is between 8-12 years. According to the Guiness World of Records the oldest rabbit lived 18 years - Wow! How old is yours?

Myth #4 – Rabbits should be fed a large bowl of commercial food each day.

Overweight Rabbits are one of the main health issues that Vets deal with daily. Eating too much commercial food can cause weight gain so try to limit the pellets to 25g per kg of your rabbit’s weight. This is roughly an eggcup-full. Muesli is not recommended as it is linked to a painful dental disease and tummy problems.If you feed muesli, gradually transfer bunny onto a healthier pellet diet.