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No Easy Time For Blue

Blue was rescued after a road traffic accident - see our previous post Read More

The surgery went well and Blue has been a real fighter and recovered quickly. However, during the procedure it was discovered that Blue was having problems passing urine and so he has had to have extra care. He now needs further surgery by a veterinary specialist to get him weeing again. It is expected that the operation would be a success, but like all things of this nature there is a risk that things will not work out as well as we hope.

Blue is such a loving, friendly character and so far has really shown a fighting spirit by bouncing back from the trauma of the traffic accident and the operation to mend his hip so we feel that he deserves this second chance of a full, healthy and happy life.

Here is a short video of Blue enjoying some attention at the Vets.

The cost of the operation is high and we are appealing to you to help us cover this extraordinary demand. If you can spare just a few pounds each then this will make a huge difference and help us to continue to provide for Blue's welfare and others that we rescue like him.

To donate towards Blue's costs then please follow the link

We really appreciate your support and so does Blue! - Thank you!

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