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Sweet Dreams Prada

This is probably one of the saddest posts we've ever had to write. There's a new star in the sky tonight which smells very meaty. Our beloved Prada has been put to sleep this afternoon - her mouth was badly infected and she was unable to eat properly. Because of the way her jaw was fused there was nothing they could do. We knew this day would come sooner rather than later but that hasn't made it any easier especially for her fosterer Caroline who did so much for her. RIP Prada, you were loved by many.

From Prada's Fosterer

It is with great sadness I must say that Prada, dear sweet Prada has left us this evening. We have known for some time that her life was limited but had not anticipated it to be quite so soon. Her teeth were beyond repair and were causing her great pain. All hopes for surgery exhausted, there was only one choice that could be made that was truly for her. There are a great many people who I would like to thank for their support, kind words and charity. For without these three things, Prada would never have enjoyed the taste of fine food, of kitten milk and would never have known true love. I will say, with all certainty, I will miss you Prada Pea. Your mess, your dribble, but most of all, your meaty kisses. Cx

Thank you to everyone who provided much love and support.

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