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Are you Blue too?

Meet Blue!

Blue was rescued on 18th January (Blue Monday) after being involved in a road traffic accident. He was rushed to Milton Keynes Veterinary Group who managed to stabilise him overnight. We've been funding his treatment while a search was made for his owners but sadly no one has come forward for him.

He has been given pain relief and kept comfortable and then on Thursday he perked up enough to start giving everyone tail wags! However, Blue is in need of an operation on his leg. The total cost of his care is going to exceed £1,000 so we are appealing for help to cover this.

He's such a lovely, friendly little one and is only middle aged so he is expected to make a full recovery after which he will be available for rehoming. Please consider helping us raise funds for Blue. Click the button below to visit Blue's fundraising page.

Thank you!

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