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It's not to be for Prada Pea

Prada's CT scan was reviewed by the specialist dental surgeon, but the news was not what we had hoped. Here is an update from Prada:

"So today was the day. Mummy went back to see Mr Hobson. With a heavy heart she left, with me in my carrier, knowing that she has tried her hardest but that some things just cant be 'fixed'. Mr Hobson was very kind, and he showed mummy a cat skull to explain how my jaw is fused and why any surgery would be just too risky. It is not just the risk, it is also a major surgery from which there are no guarantees that it won't make things worse - for the possibility of gaining just a few millimetres of movement. Because I can eat and drink it is safest to leave this mess of a mouth of mine alone. I am now back home again, with my family, who I know will love me until it is my time to go. Thank you all for your well wishes and gifts xx love Prada Pea xx"

We know we have done everything we possibly can for Prada and explored all possibilities of improving her quality of life. We feel sad for her that she cannot have her operation, but we are confident that her long term fosterer will provide her the most wonderful, warm and loving home for the remainder of her life.

We would like to thank everyone who supported us and made it possible to make these explorations. Without you we would never have had hope.


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