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2015 Our Year In Brief

It's been a successful 2015 for the branch and as the year draws to a close we wanted to share with you some of the highlights.

Amazing Re-homing Figures

Between January and June this year we re-homed 307 cats and kittens and the second half of the year has been just as busy! We do not have the final figure just yet, but we are confident that we have re-homed around 750 animals! This is an amazing figure given that we do not have a dedicated re-homing centre.

Some animals do take longer than others to re-home and this year one notably cute resident didn't get picked for months! You'd never think such an adorable boy would get overlooked so much but sadly Sid was with us longer than usual before finally finding his forever home. We're just glad he found one in the end!

New Pens

In April we started to get very excited when we watched the foundations of the new cat pens being built. Then a month later in May they were complete and were immediately full up! The six large pens have already provided a safe, warm environment for many cats and kittens so far this year and will continue to do so for many years to come.

We are very grateful for the generous donations that helped us make this happen and also to the volunteers who are now helping to clean, feed and cuddle the residents.


Our supporter and volunteers have been tirelessly working throughout the year to help us raise vital funds. There are too many to list, but we would like to say thank you to everyone who attending our events and also to those who raised funds themselves.

We held several events throughout the year which were well attended and we will be continuing with our busy schedule this year so please keep a look out for the dates to put into your diary! One of our most successful events is the Food Club which we introduced this year. In conjunction with The Brasserie, Milton Keynes College we invited you all to a fundraising dinner where you could enjoy great food and fabulous prices. These events will continue through 2016.


Each year we rehabilitate hundreds of animals, but some of them do need a little bit of extra help. Prada was one of those animals. Earlier this year we rescued Prada. Her jaw had been broken and left untreated which had resulted in it becoming fused together. This meant that Prada could never be re-homed and funds would be required to help cover the cost of her regular treatments. The generous donations from the public have helped us meet the costs of Prada's care and she is now settled in her permanent foster home. Prada's journey is not over yet, she is also undergoing a review on her jaw injury by a specialist surgeon who will determine if an operation to correct it can be done successfully. At present the news is not good as the CT scans have shown that the damage might be irreparable, but we still hope against the odds for Prada that a positive outcome will follow.

Thanks To You

Prada and many other animals who we rescue have been given the chance of a new life by our supporters and volunteers. Without YOU we cannot continue to help animals in need so we would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone.


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