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Prada, an update.

Here is a quick update from Prada for everyone who's been following her story:

"So, mummy got the call she was waiting for today. Mr Hobson had been in touch with a veterinary professor in Santiago just for me! They are very concerned about the surgery I might need. They've said the CT scan was amazing and answered all of their questions. In fact mummy is going to meet with Mr Hobson in January so she can see the scan too. The problem is, my jaw is really rather poorly and to fix it might be too risky. Mummy said it isn't a no yet but we will know for sure once she has met with him. In the meantime I'm sending meaty Christmas greetings to you all. I have been so lucky to have lots of wonderful people looking out for me and for that, I am blessed. Take care and will catch up with you all very soon. Love Prada Pea xxx"

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