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We would like to say thank you to everyone who came to the re-homing day today, to all the volunteers and especially to Willow Vets for hosting it. It was extremely busy! In total 15 adult cats found new homes as well as a number of kittens. That is on top of 4 others that left us this morning before even getting to Willow's. It was a very successful day all round.

It is often a bitter sweet event as we say goodbye to the lovely animals that have stayed a short time with us in our care and wave them off for a long, happy life in a new forever home. Thank you to those of you that adopted, we wish you all well and don't forget to send us an update when your new family member has settled in!

Bonnie & Clyde getting ready to travel to their new home.

Tigger couldn't wait to go!

Victoria waiting patiently

Another lovely black cat, Ella, said goodbye to us today

Thank you all so much - See you next time!

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