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Munchkin Update!

​​We have been asked how this little fella has been and here it is. A year ago this young cat underwent major surgery to enable him to eat properly, one of his heart vessels was growing round his oesophagus.

With the help of ​amazing donations to us he underwent the procedure with Milton Keynes Veterinary Group, to change his life. He kept us on our toes then and continues now, his fosterer could not part with him and he has remained part of her family. Munchkin has had eye surgery to have his left eye removed as he could not see with it, within hours of this op he was running around again. His spirit and character continues to amaze us.

He now explores the outside world, which enables us to use our ladder climbing skills, rescuing him from trees and top of walls, usually at night! On one occasion he was high up the tree, beyond the hight of a 3 section ladder, 3 am we were able to reach him.

He has become a great hunter, being very proud of catching leaves, feathers and moss, although when he was found trying to bring a live wood pigeon into the house interventions were made, we didn't fancy the feathers everywhere (the pigeon was unharmed) not bad for a one eyed boy. The bridge over a stream at the bottom of the garden was removed to restrict him, however he now just jumps over it.

He now eats his food with delight, often finishing his fellow felines dinner as well, whilst meowing sweetly at us for treats, his meow is heartwarming who can resist. He is double trouble with Tula his big sister and they can often be seen galloping around together causing trouble and chaos everywhere they go, especially when under our feet!

He has several favourite places in his home the whole sofa and bed, stretching out and he likes to have a cushion for his head. Bed times are a battle, he sleeps on the pillows between his owners, very comfortable whilst we cling to the edge of the bed.

Who would of thought this great little cat would have come this far, he certainly keeps us busy. Thankfully for us he has not mastered the cat flap yet!!! Else I can't imagine what chaos he would make in the outside world. Munchkin says hi, and his Christmas photo shoot will begin soon, watch this space for this.

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