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Help Prada!

Prada came to us in July 2015. She'd experienced a terrible start in life, her jaw had been broken and she hadn't received immediate treatment for it so it became fused together. This means Prada cannot be re-homed. The operation to fix it is too risky and complicated so she will remain with an RSPCA volunteer for the remainder of her life. We will provide a lifetime of financial support for Prada, but to do so we need your help! Prada's essentials are estimated to cost £400 a year. This includes the special food that she needs and the regular professional grooming sessions by Heath and Reach Vets as she cannot properly care for her coat.

If you would like to support Prada then you can do so

by visiting her fundraising page and making a donation.

Prada will benefit directly from your support which will help Prada live a comfortable, happy life.

Thank you!

Prada needs a regular bath

and shave as she is unable to

care for her coat herself.

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