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A fresh start for CJ

CJ was signed over to the RSPCA in a dire state.

The fur from his leg had been stripped off and left for two weeks and was so badly infected, and left for so long there was sadly only one option - amputation. Following this, poor CJ is not surprisingly rather wary of humans. In addition CJ was laden with flea dirt and had a chronic worm infestation. Just as things were starting to improve, he was struck down with a nasty stomach bug that had him unable to eat for a week. We are pleased to say that is all behind him now - his love of chicken is helping him to slowly gain his trust in humans. CJ is like many of our cats - abused or neglected, he just needs time.

We would love CJ to go to a home preferably with a resident cat and a secure garden and no young children. We know this is a tall ask - but hopefully there is someone out there who can offer CJ his perfect home.

If you are interested in rehoming CJ then please give us a call on 01908 611179 and leave a message.

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