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Adopt Don't Shop!

It often feels good to give and adopting a furry member for your family can be just as rewarding. Why not give us a ring if you are interested? If you're not sure and you have questions to ask then you can call us on 01908 611179. Our volunteers will do their best to respond as soon as possible.

Please remember that the best time to telephone is mornings.

Why adopt?

Save money!

Adopting is cheaper than buying - yes it's true! Pet shops and breeders often charge a lot of money. When your pet has matured you will need to pay to have it neutered. This can cost another large sum of money. When you adopt from us you are asked to make a small donation and your pet has already been neutered* saving the worry and the cost!

Already litter trained.

Our animals are usually already accustomed to using a litter tray.

Used to being handled.

While in our care we regularly handle our animals. This ongoing care is already provided by our loving volunteers. There are some that will need extra special care and we will fully advise you prior to adtoption on what the animals needs are, which brings us to....

Free lifetime advice!

We offer advice and support to all owners of our adopted animals. This is an

ongoing service and provided completely free of charge!

Help save more animals.

When you adopt from us you are helping to free up valuable space for another animal who is in need of our care. Most rescue centres are full to the brim and have long waiting lists so every animal who is adopted helps to provide room for one more who needs us. Adopting from us also helps to create less demand for shop bought and bred animals meaning less will suffer from commercial breeding programs.

*Kittens are not neutered

Start now by visiting our adoptions pages! CLICK HERE!

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