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Food Club - Join us for a great night out!

The Milton Keynes & North Bucks RSPCA

Invites you to join us at

FOOD CLUB – A Taste of The Deep South

In conjunction with The Brasserie, Milton Keynes College

When: Thursday 23rd July

Time: 7pm

Price: £20.00 per Head (includes a donation)

The evening consists of a 3 course sit-down meal created by the very talented and up and coming chefs of Milton Keynes College, Bletchley. The evening is a totally relaxed affair; it’s all about the food and great company. The first event ‘A Taste of Italy’ had rave reviews from all our guests.

All are welcome – so bring your family, friends and work colleagues – make it a great night out!!

TO BOOK YOUR PLACE PLEASE EMAIL RSPCAMKNB@HOTMAIL.COM and feel free to email any questions you may have.


Cheese grits – served with a homemade Jalapeno cornbread Muffin (V) Slow cooked pork ribs – slow cooked tender pork ribs with a sticky bbq glaze served with a mixed leaf garnish The Brasserie wings 2 ways – Deep fried crispy wings & Southern style hot sauce wings garnish with spring onions.


Tennessee Pulled Pork – 6 hour slow cooked pork shoulder in a Tennessee style bbq sauce marinade, with red onion rings & beef tomato served in a toasted brioche bun served with a homemade Tennessee slaw. Southern Fried Salmon Patties – These salmon patties are made with succulent flaky salmon and old bay seasoning are served on a mixed leaf salad & topped with a lemon wedge. Southern baked Macc ‘N’ Cheese – This creamy style southern baked macc ‘n’ cheese with 2 types of cheese and a hint of paprika served alongside a south coast classic of fried green tomatoes . (V)


Skin on yam wedges – Known to you and me as sweet potatoes (V) Collard Greens – Shredded greens with onion & bacon Chilli Corn on the cob – Steamed & chargrilled corn on the cob brushed with a red chilli butter (V) A Trio of BBQ Sauces – Louisiana white, Smokey Texan & Carolina hot. (V) (GF)


South Coast Trio – A Mississippi mud cake, key lime pie shot & a mini peanut butter glazed jelly doughnut


Hope to see you there!

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