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Black IS lucky!

Xena came into the RSPCA as part of a larger group that had to trapped - many of them were feral but Xena had a damaged and infected leg so had to be caught as a matter of urgency. Xena was very scared but one of our fosterers started working with her to try and help gain her confidence while her amputated leg had time to heal. On a Friday morning the fosterer found out Xena was pregnant as she had gone into labour and a kitten was already stuck. Xena was rushed to the vets again and had to have an emergency cesarean. Sadly, one kitten had already died but luckily two others survived. We want to highlight the need to spay and neuter - not all cat pregnancies go smoothly and it was just luck that Xena was in care when this happened. Xena really is one of the lucky ones as she has a home to go to when her kittens Pizza and Chips are old enough. We really cannot continue this work without your help - for ways to donate, please follow this!donate/c1m4l

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