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Hug A Cat Day!

You may not know it, but it's National Hug a Cat Day! Well Ok it's mostly observed in America where June is 'Adopt a Cat' month, but everyone should hug their cats today no matter where they are in the world so go and fetch your feline and give them a huge hug!

Don't have a cat? Maybe you know someone with a cat that you can visit? Don't forget to ask if the cat likes being hugged before you start to chase it around the sofa!

So what happens when you hug your cat and why should we hug them?

We should hug our cat on this day to remind ourselves of the benefit cats bring to us and our family. Apparently when you hug your cat your blood pressure decreases and stress levels can be reduced. Even if that's not true I'm still hugging my cat today!!

We would love to see pictures of you hugging your cats so why not share them with us on our Facebook page? if you don't want to be in the picture then maybe you can get something else to hug a cat, like another cat! Awwwww...

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