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Cute Fluffy Bunnies

We always have a selection of bunnies available for adoption. Easter time is a particularly difficult time of year for us to advertise these homeless ones, but we must continue to try to find them a new loving home regardless of the time of year. During the adoption process we take steps to make sure that the new family are ready for the commitment that is required. This way we can be sure that bunny will live a long and happy life. For more information about adopting one, please call or text 07913 230162 - Thank you.

Reasons why it's better to adopt a rabbit than buy a baby one!

Thinking of buying a baby bunny for your little ones or loved ones? Aren't they gorgeous? Wouldn't it be lovely to see their delighted faces when the bundle of fluff arrives home? Yes of course, we love them too! However, why don't you consider adopting a rabbit from us instead. Here's why:

Baby bunnies grow fast!

Did you know that baby rabbits grow to adult size in about 6 months*. In a shop they are already about 2-3 months old and so they will only take another 3-4 months to grow - Not long to enjoy the tiny fluff so why not adopt a young rabbit instead!

Save money!

Adopting is cheaper than buying - yes it's true! Pet shops and breeders often

charge in the region of £20-30 for a baby rabbit. When the rabbit has matured you will need to pay to have it neutered. This can cost in the region of £60-80. When you adopt from us you donate just £30 and your rabbit has already been neutered** saving you a large sum of money.

Already litter trained.

Our rabbits are usually already accustomed to using a litter tray.

Used to being handled.

While in our care we regularly handle our bunnies. Most rabbits do not like to be picked up, but over time they may learn to become accustomed to being lifted for a cuddle and a health check. This ongoing care is already provided by our loving volunteers. Most purchased rabbits do not receive the same amount of undivided attention on a daily basis.

Free lifetime advice!

We offer advice and support to all owners of our adopted animals. This is an

ongoing service and provided completely free of charge!

Help save more rabbits.

When you adopt a rabbit from us you are helping to free up valuable space for another rabbit who is in need of our care. Most rescue centres are full to the brim and have long waiting lists so every bunny who is adopted helps to provide room for one more who needs us. Adopting from us also helps to create less demand for shop bought rabbits meaning less rabbits will suffer from commercial breeding programs.

More information.

Read all about Rabbit keeping, how much it's likely to cost, how much time is involved and how to keep a rabbit happy and healthy by visiting our Advice and Welfare page at and selecting 'Rabbits' from the Pets menu.

* Large and Giant breeds take longer to reach adult size.

** If you adopt a baby rabbit from us the neutering may not have taken place, but an agreement to neuter can be discussed.

Help us spread the word! Download our poster HERE and pop it up at work!

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