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World Spay Day!

Female Cats Neutering Promotion.

Benefit claimants neuter your female cats for £10.

To promote cat neutering we’re collaborating with animal welfare organisations to mark World Spay Day Tuesday 24 February 2015. The Milton Keynes & North Bucks RSPCA are offering benefit claimants in the Milton Keynes area a chance to neuter their female cats for just £10.

There are two reasons for neutering only female cats. Firstly, the branch has limited funds to support a full neutering programme. Secondly, research carried out by the national RSPCA has found that to tackle feline overpopulation it is important to neuter female cats. In doing this it will eliminate both future unneutered females as well as unneutered male cats.

There are no benefits in letting your cat have a litter of kittens before being spayed. The RSPCA recommends you neuter your felines as young as possible as cats can become pregnant at five months and then can get pregnant again almost immediately after.

Please call 01908 611179 and leave a message. A volunteer will return your call as soon as possible.

The branch is a separately registered charity from the National RSPCA and would welcome financial support in setting up future neutering programmes for all Milton Keynes & North Bucks animals. If you could offer financial support please get in touch.

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