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Ready Soon!

This young grey and white lady is a little scared at the moment but hopefully she'll soon be ready for a new home. She's one of 4 cats that came into us when their owner was taken into hospital.

Walnut tree.jpg

We don't know much about this little all black girl cat as she was dumped in the car park at Walnut Tree vets. The attached note said her owners had moved to a flat so she was having to stay inside and she wasn't using her litter tray. She's safe now but we have no idea of her age or her medical history. She needs a dental and will have bloods run and then we'll do our very best to find her a nice new home.

Mum and kittens.jpg
Mum and kittens 1.jpg

Mum and kittens 2.jpg

This mum and kittens came into our care yesterday. They are in a sorry state and very small for their age. They were full of fleas which has left them anaemic. On arrival at Heath & Reach vets they all needed a spray of Frontline to kill the fleas, sub cutaneous fluids and a good feed of Cimikat. They are holding their own and now feeding off mum a bit. The nurses and vets are doing their very best for them. Hopefully we got them in time!

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