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Molly's owner passed away and now she is seeking a loving new home.

This is an appeal to find a permanent home for Molly. Molly came to us in March of this year when her owner passed away and the rest of the family did not want her. Molly was very traumatised by the whole experience and became very aggressive toward everybody and everything. She went to a fosterer for some one on one care and has slowly started to come out of herself. She is now calm and confident, plays and eats really well, likes cuddles and sitting on laps. Molly is looking for a home where she can be the only cat and continue to develop her trust in people and be allowed to develop that trust at her own pace. A stable environment without younger children would be most desirable for her. Molly is 6/7 years old and has no health issues. If you think you could be that special person for Molly please call on 01908 611179, leave a message and we can arrange for you to meet her.

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