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We can't do it without you!

Here is just a small insight into what we do every day to help animals in the local area.

Little Periwinkle 1.jpg

Little Periwinkle, who is only about 12 weeks old, was found abandoned by the side of road away from any houses. She was emaciated, dehydrated and very wobbly on her back legs. She was a little fighter and after a few good meals and iv fluids she went to a fosterer. However it quickly became apparent that there was something else wrong and that the weakness in her back legs wasn't due to malnutrition alone.

Little Periwinkle 2.jpg

X-rays revealed both sides of her pelvis were fractured, one side badly! The vet was surprised she could even walk! She's now being rested by her fosterer and is doing well. Her wonderful personality is shining through and hopefully she'll go to her new home with the lady that found her very soon!

Little Periwinkle.jpg

Molly 4.jpg

Molly came to our attention in June of this year, when a member of the public called the police. The reason for the call was that the smell from a neighbouring house was so bad they feared somebody was deceased in the house. The police found a hoarding situation and a filthy home that included five cats. Three of those cats where physically not too bad as they had been able to get outside. Two others were not so lucky and had severe flea bites and sores from being covered in urine. Molly was the worst of all, having no outside access. She had developed severe Flea Affected Dermatitis from the amount of fleas she was covered in. The amount of fleas that came off her when she was treated was unbelievable. She was also diagnosed with ringworm.

Molly 2.jpg

Molly's coat was rough and coarse from neglect and she was literally crusty all over from the FAD. She was also covered in sores from where she had been scratching herself. So we began to treat both the ringworm and FAD. Molly had to have daily medication for the ringworm and the FAD, which was a liquid in her mouth and a gel on the sore parts of her body. She also required weekly baths. Her fosterer found that she was not a ginger all over cat but a dilute tortoiseshell. She was filthy and each time she had a bath a little more of her real colour was revealed. During September, Molly became increasingly unwell and she developed diabetes, most likely caused from the high level of steroids she was on to combat the FAD.


A period of a few weeks went by when she was stablised. She is now doing well on her insulin twice a day. Her coat is now soft and so is her skin. Her coat is nearly fully regrown. Molly clearly feels much happier as she has started to purr and play with her fosterer. She is fine with having her insulin too. She has become a chatty little girl. Soon she will be ready to seek a loving home to call her own. We are unable to do this work without your support. Please consider making a donation or setting up a regular direct debit in order to help us.

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