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Meet Lily

Lily is still waiting for her forever home....she is getting much braver at her fosterer's home and today her fosterer was thrilled because Lily greeted her when she came in from work! When she can't cope, Lily goes under a bed and tucks herself into a tight ball, flinching if you touch her - but she always comes out to use her litter tray, and is trying so hard to be 'normal'. Lily even tolerates the cats and dog, and although she would probably prefer to be the only pet in a quiet home, she may accept an older gentleman kitty. Lily needs patient, understanding owners - she has had a troubled life so far and it would be fantastic for her to be rehomed with humans that can love and accept her. If you feel you are the special people Lily needs in her life, please contact us on 01908 611179.

Lily 4.jpg
Lily 3.jpg

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