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Save Munchkin Appeal!

*Update" - 13th Oct

Munchkin update! A huge thank you to everyone who has donated. You are all amazing. Our little man is having his surgery on Thursday at Walnut Tree vets. We can only hope and pray that he comes through it and recovers well. It is major surgery and we're under no illusions but he is at least getting a chance. Please cross everything and send lots of positive thoughts his way. We will of course update everyone as soon as we have any news. Thank you again from everyone here, it really does mean a lot to us.


Munchkin is a dear little fella who came to us as one of a litter of kittens which had been abandoned in a local field. He has one eye and no tail and we quickly realised he had another more serious problem, he was having terrible problems eating properly. The MK Veterinary Group made a full examination of him and confirmed that he has a blood vessel wrapped around his food pipe which is preventing the food from going down. The only way to correct this is by surgically removing it, but this comes at a price of £1,200. The price of the operation has been generously reduced by Milton Keynes Veterinary Group and although there is no guarantee of the outcome this is Munchkins only chance of survival.

We currently have more than 150 other cats in our care at the moment and so we cannot justify spending this amount on one kitten, but we just can't give up on him. Sue Taft our Cat Co-ordinator says “He’s just adorable, and he’s been a real fighter to survive this long. Even though he’s so ill and half the size he should be, he loves everybody and never stops purring. We feel we must give him this chance.”

We would love to give Munchkin the chance to carry on purring, but we need your help! We are appealing to you to make a donation towards Munchkin's surgery. This can be done by clicking the link below, by text (see image below) or by post to RSPCA, PO Box 4586, Kiln Farm. MK12 6ZS.

View Munchkin on video and read more about the operation online at the Milton Keynes Citizen.

Thank you for your support! CLICK TO DONATE!

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