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Gentle Lily needs a home to be pampered in.

LILY is not only a stunning looking young cat but is one of the sweetest-natured animals her fosterer has ever seen. Just over a year old, she has already had two litters of kittens - including a mammoth litter of seven. Though exhausted from raising all these babies, she is still full of love and rarely stops purring. A clever little thing, Lily is a joy to have around and will 'talk' in chirrups to any human who will listen. She has a passion for Webbox lick-e-lix and will happily steal them and even open them (as pictured) when she thinks nobody is looking. We are looking for a special home for Lily where she can be thoroughly pampered and given the life she deserves. She would be fine with another well-mannered cat and has even accepted the fosterer's small dog. She is also very gentle with children.


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