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Thinking of adopting a rabbit?

Two new arrivals are now ready for adoption. Please call or text 07913 230162 if you are interested.

All our adult rabbits are neutered and we ask for a small donation of £30 for each rabbit which goes towards this cost. If this is your first rabbit we suggest you consider adopting two as a pair. Rabbits are social animals and are best kept in pairs so please do ask us about the possibility of adopting two. The cost for adopting a pair is reduced to £50.

This is Talullah who is approximately 18 months old. She has a gentle nature and would make a good companion for a neutered buck rabbit. Text or ring 07913 230162.


Herbert is a friendly young lionhead rabbit about a year old. He has been neutered and would make an ideal family pet. 07913 230162 is the number to text or ring.

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