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Eric Vogel


I started my volunteering journey with the RSPCA MK Branch in July 2023 and have been assisting with food collections, IT support, event organisation and Cat Trapping. It has been one of the most rewarding jobs I have done. The dedication and hard work from the team of volunteers, fosterers, fundraisers, etc. is simply incredible. On behalf of the Branch we cannot thank you enough.


The RSPCA MK is close to my heart as we have 2 rescue cats ourselves - Annie and Ollie. Both were in desperate need of a home and required a significant amount of time and effort but have become the most loving and happy cats we could have wished for.


I retired in 2022 so I can dedicate my time to working with you all on our mission of protecting and advocating for the welfare of animals. With a steadfast commitment to compassion and integrity, I pledge to work tirelessly alongside our dedicated team of volunteers and supporters to uphold the highest standards of animal welfare and enact meaningful change.


Together, we will strive to make a tangible difference in the lives of animals across our communities, promoting kindness and empathy for all living. We have a great team of Trustees and our priorities are to:

- Advance the RSPCA's mission and ensure the highest standards of animal welfare are maintained.

- Drive fundraising efforts and cultivate relationships with donors and supporters to secure vital resources for the RSPCA’s programs and initiatives.

- Champion legislative and policy changes to improve animal welfare at local level.

- Develop and implement innovative programs to promote responsible pet ownership, prevent cruelty to animals, and support animal rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

- Look after our team of dedicated professionals and volunteers to deliver impactful initiatives and services to communities across Milton Keynes & Buckinghamshire.

- Establish partnerships with government agencies, non-profit organisations, and corporate sponsors to maximise the reach and effectiveness of animal welfare programs.


Your input and opinions greatly matter, so please reach out if you want to meet up for a coffee to share any concerns, thoughts or ideas as we will only be successful in our mission if we all work together.


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