We have introduced new temporary processes and checks to ensure that the animal and adopter or fosterer are well matched and protected. Animals will be safely delivered to their new homes in a secure way by our staff or volunteers.

How the rehoming process will be different

In line with Defra-approved guidance for England, animal centres will remain closed to the public and our new, temporary rehoming and fostering process will involve:

  • Finding an animal and completing our online form or calling the branch.

  • All adopters or fosterers must live within about an hour's drive of the centre where the animal is being cared for

  • All discussions will take place via phone or video call

  • Adopters and fosterers will get to 'virtually meet' their potential pet with videos sent to show them their behaviour and give them a deeper understanding of their pet's personality

  • Home visits will be done virtually, through photos or video walk-through the home

  • All pets will be transported to their new homes and handovers will observe social distancing

  • All ongoing support will be done virtually.

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